Une Thérapie Brève I BienPourSoi  Vous pouvez consulter pour être accompagné lors de difficultés :  Problèmes relationnels - Addictions - Séparations - Deuils -  Angoisses - Défis - Phobies- Divorces -  Stress - Burn-Out -  Solitude , Confiance en soi, Changement de vie ..

Solution-focused therapy I GoodForYou


Highly efficient and targeted therapy. Adapted playful exercises and effective sessions.

You enter with stress and leave without, fantastic!
Highly recommended
(and also in English ;-)).

Learning to let go has never been

so easy. Many thanks.

M. Van Nynatten

Brief therapy
"Soothing without messing everything up"

Gestalt therapy is a form of experiential psychotherapy,
also known today as 'mindfulness'.

The focus is not so much on your problems as on how you experience them, what meaning they have and how you deal with them in your day-to-day. One starts from what is happening 'here and now'. Gestalt therapy is about "consciousness "

During our talks, we look at the influence your environment has on you and how you deal with it. The aim is to dissolve your blockages, so that further growth becomes possible again and complaints diminish.

During the therapy, various techniques are used to initiate the awareness and change process, in a safe environment and with guidance.

One experiences a fascinating process, which is sometimes confronting, but also humorous and certainly liberating.

Depending on the person and the problem I use
the following techniques :

NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming , Mindfulness ( ACT) , 

EFT ( emotional Freedom Technique ) ,  Hypnose therapy ,

Autogenic training and progressive relaxation, 

Creative adaptation (Arts & Phototherapy)

You can turn to me for solution-focused therapy
around the following themes :

Relationship problems - Addictions - Breakups - Survivors - Anxiety

Challenges - Phobias - Divorce - Stress - Burn-Out - 
Alcohol problems - Loneliness - Self-image and fear of failure

Life change - Problems at school/work....

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